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Data Analysis Consulting

We analyze a variety of data compiled from customers’ businesses using mathematical and information sciences, and assist clients in the acquisition of new knowledge and solutions to operational challenges through quantitative processes.

Our strengths lie in the following three capabilities.

  1. The ability to sort out customer issues and requests through an understanding of the business background, and to provide focused solutions
  2. The ability to uncover the meaning of data, and to extract necessary information through clear analyses
  3. The ability to utilize information technology that enables the high-speed processing of diverse data en masse

In actual business scenarios there is no single, optimal answer.
The required answer may change depending on changes in the environment or in requirements.

We have the relevant professionals conduct the following:

  • Face-to-face interviews with customers to assess their unique challenges
  • The streamlining and preprocessing of data
  • Quality analyses
  • Prototype model construction
  • Project assessments

These assessments are introduced in sequence in coordination with other professionals. By implementing this analysis cycle in a speedy manner, we can assess the facts within various scenarios to arrive at optimal solutions.

Primary scope and activities

Corporate Business

  • Surveys on the impact of introducing stock compensation plans
  • Text mining analysis of corporate governance reports, ESG reports, etc.

Real Estate Business

  • Analysis of the real estate market based on relevant data

Pension Business

  • Simulation analysis of pension ALM

Risk Management Business

  • Visualization of banks’ internal documents through text mining
  • Optimization of credit portfolios

Retail Banking Business

  • Analysis of deposits and withdrawals to and from bank accounts