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Data Analytics

We provide solutions to operational challenges and create new businesses by analyzing data with various structures and complex relations using sophisticated, highly-advanced technologies.

Our data analytics possess the following four strengths:

  • Deep knowledge of the financial industry
  • Data science capabilities to provide precision results utilizing mathematical and information sciences
  • Data engineering capabilities to refine data sets and to construct an analysis environment
  • Sophisticated IT infrastructure skills

We are constantly scrutinizing the latest research results from academia on data science while periodically conducting joint research with universities and research institutes to update our knowledge and skills in a timely manner.

In addition to extensive research on industry trends in IT infrastructure technologies and data engineering, we are actively testing proof of concepts for new solutions through recent technologies.

Primary scope and activities

Data analysis using AI and machine learning

  • Prediction of stock market indices using Deep Learning
  • Emotion analysis through facial expressions
  • Speech analysis of earnings announcements
  • Estimation of model parameters with reinforcement learning

Construction of a cloud-based High Performance Computing infrastructure

  • Analysis of large volume text data such as media outlet news and SNS
  • Increasing the speed of Tokyo Stock Exchange board information analysis using distributed parallel processing

Robotic Process Automation

  • Streamlining and automatization of operations