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The Integration of Theory and Practice in Finance

1 Quality

We intend to become a trusted partner by constantly giving our best and providing superior solutions.

2 Primary Goal

By pursuing innovative digital, financial and investment technologies, we create new value by integrating theory and practice.

3 Professionalism & Team Work

By encouraging respect, understanding and efficient communication among our teams, we have created a vigorous working environment of perpetual synergy.

4 Global Network

We intend to capture recent global trends, and actively build a network among academia, research institutes, and companies for the purpose of creating added value.

5 Personal Growth Opportunities

Our employees can take full advantage of the various opportunities for self-improvement and autonomy, and venture into new domains in which their capabilities can be expressed.


We conduct world-class research in the finance and investment arena, as well as the risk management arena based on our financial knowledge and theories, taking advantage of skills in the mathematical and information sciences. Furthermore, we provide quality analyses in a wide range of financial fields including financial consulting and digital marketing, utilizing our expertise as a research institute under MUFG, an integrated financial group.

We believe finance plays an important role in bridging the present and the future, and believe that the most important challenge is how to anticipate and prepare for events that will occur in the uncertain future.

Therefore, we are taking on the challenge of collecting massive amounts of diverse data with the goal of analyzing them with the utmost speed, depth, and accuracy, and to simulate unforeseen future events using a quantitative approach.

We will provide truly practical solutions that exceed our customers' expectations by taking advantage of our relationships. These relationships allow us to freely interact with both our customers and academia, and to incorporate cutting-edge research and technology from academia with the knowledge we have accumulated over the years. Moreover we will actively build a network of academia, research institutes and companies abroad that possess cutting-edge technologies for the purpose of creating further added value.

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We achieve quality results with our strengths in human resources, knowledge of financial theory and business, critical thinking skills, information and infrastructure technologies, and an appropriate research and management system to support them.

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Human Resources

We are a group of talented individuals with a wide range of expertise and backgrounds including economics and commercial sciences, mathematics and physics, statistics and OR, (behavioral) finance, information processing (CS), and data science. These carefully selected members offer both individual and synergistic strength.

Financial Theories and Business Knowledge

For the thirty years since our establishment, we have been mainly engaged in research on financial engineering that is useful to the world of finance. Deeply rooted in our corporate DNA is the desire to produce results based on our practical knowledge of business and an understanding of the issues grounded in detailed knowledge of traditional financial theories.

Data Analytics

We are conducting not only basic mathematical and statistical analyses and analytics, but also some of the first research that adopts data-driven analytical methods utilizing AI, machine learning, and text mining. We are actively collaborating with universities and research institutes in Japan and abroad in the exchange of information and human resources, as well as in the promotion of joint research projects in order to obtain the latest expertise in analysis and analytics.

Information Technology

As we secure various sources of voluminous quality data (big data), we are also developing a processing environment (the cloud, high-speed processing) to extract essential information from that data. Furthermore, we are actively testing proof of concepts (PoC) for new solutions through cutting-edge ICT technologies.


Research is conducted as sponsored research for our customers, or as mid-term to long-term strategic research which we believe will become highly influential in the near future. Strategic research takes on advanced and quite challenging topics, and requires repeated trials and errors. On the other hand, this research is very useful to raise motivation among our researchers, to improve their techniques and research skills, and to plant future seeds of research with customers. We assemble teams to tackle these research tasks, and are confident that this will generate synergies for even greater results that will exceed the sum of individual achievements. Furthermore, multiple internal review meetings are held frequently to allow for progress reports and the exchange of opinions and innovative ideas through researches, including those who are not directly involved in the project.